Class Representatives
Contact Jeff Clutcher to report any class representative changes or to get an address for your class representative. See "Alumni Association Officers" from the SAHS Alumni Home Page on how to contact Jeff.
The Shamokin Area High School Alumni Association is open to all graduates to participate in meetings and to serve on various committees.  Class Representatives are active members, along with past officers, who make up the General Executive Committee.  There are three General Executive Committee meetings that take place during the year (fall, winter and spring).  Please check the website for meeting dates/times and come out to see how you can participate to keep the organization going strong for years to come:  The web site lists alumni officers to contact should you like to discuss how you can be involved as well as Charter/ByLaw information.
BENEFITS of being a Class Representative for the Shamokin Area High School Alumni Association:
  • Opportunity to exercise leadership and initiate change.  We encourage you to become active with committees or officer leadership roles.
  • Opportunity to voice the opinions, concerns and ideas of your classmates so that they may be addressed.
  • Receiving first-hand information from the association regarding our activities such as scholarship reports and banquet information.
Your RESPONSIBILITIES as a Class Representative will be to:
  • Act as a liaison between your class and the alumni association.
  • Ensure that your classmates are properly represented and informed.
  • As a member of the alumni association executive committee, participate in the discussion and vote on business items at meetings.
If you are asked to serve as a class rep but are not sure if this is for you, consider attending a few meetings to see how you can help.
1937 Louise Kline Hubler
1938 open
1939 open
1940 open
1941 Betty Edwards
1942 Irvin Liachowitz
1943 Helen Jane Murphy & Lewis F. Gaydon
1944 Dorothy Zebrowski Goodman & Miriam Thomas Startzel
1945 open
1946 Lorraine Wetzel Strasusser
1947 open
1948 open 
1949 Particia Hoy Engle
1950 Joan Wallish Muskey
1951 Shirley Fisher Jackson
1952 Barbara Hoy Kessler & Joan Rhoades Donmoyer
1953 John Schankweiler
1954 Patricia Johnson Klemick
1955 Nancy Schrawder Booth & Herbert Dressler 
1956 Beverly Fedorko Katalenas & Carol Culton
1957 Linda Romanoski Latshaw & Kay Barr Berry
1958 Raymond G. Splane
1959 Ronald L. Chamberlain & Joan Fauland Eltringham 
1960 Harvey Buriak
1961 open
1962 Barry Buriak
1963 Carol Swatt Dudinskie & Frances Lee Brennan Culp
1964 Gail Delbaugh Mensch
1965 Marily Edmunds Stasney
1966 open
1967 Ned Sodrick & Peggy Pavelko Smith
1968 Bob Mattis & Jody Duceman Callahan 
1969 Susan Liachowitz Greenfield & Robert Lepley
1970 Susan Shuey & Cynthia Sarge Poboy
1971 Donald Blessing & Sandra Park Davis
1972 Bruce Clutcher & Kathy Shoop Fanella
1973 Kathleen Faust Jeremiah
1974 John Clutcher & Mary Anne Pitorak Miller
1975 Jamie Hoffman Bordell, Anna Marie Poplaskie Reidinger & Susan Kropinski Haas
1976 Kathi Weaver Christ & Cheryl Thomas Sherman
1977 Elizabeth Donmoyer Richie & Charles Wayne 
1978 Jeffrey Clutcher & Paul Zupicick
1979 Diana Venn Ginitz & Nicholas Keiser
1980 Edward Griffith & Brenda Piechowski Messner
1981 Linda Henninger Long
1982 Stacy Munson Derck
1983 Tina Barnabe & Maxine Howerter Harvey
1984 Ann Nowaskie & Lisa Artman Wengrenovich
1985 Jennifer Erdman Woland
1986 William J. Woland
1987 Edward Smink & Kristie Strunk Bogush
1988 Tracey Bamford Bixler
1989 Lori Pultynovich
1990 Sharleen G. Peralta & Ryan Quinn
1991 Raymond General
1992 Carolyn Kearney
1993 Kimberly Stoud Roadarmel & Stacy Gubernot Erdman
1994 Heather Cook Kirby & Judy Golda
1995 Tracy Delong
1996 Kara Yurick Kurtz & Matt Heins
1997 Dorothy Brown Bender & Karena Kodack Weikel
1998 Kathryn Schu Daenzer & Amanda Keefer Prusch
1999 Kristy Welsh Renn
2000 Daniel Jones, Jr. & Jessica Jeremiah Amato
2001 Laura Schrader & Joseph Knapick
2002 Stephanie Pavelko Boyer & Samantha Rarick
2003 Lauren Graboski Zimmerman & Matthew Filarski
2004 Amber Tomcavage Molesevich & Mallory Szymanski
2005 Kurt Troxell
2006 Zachary Houser, Steven Gallie, Jr. & Nathan Schwalm, III
2007 Sarah Martin & Tony Wondoloski
2008 Laura Thew
2009 Courtney Conrad & Heather Augustine
2010 Jordan Papp & Colette Wolfe
2011 Tom Smallets
2012 Kieran Kelly & Steve Troutman
2013 Adella Doncheski & Faith Neiter Artley
2014 Daniel Delbaugh & Natalie Wolfe 
2015 Tyler Candelora & Rhiannon McKinney 
2016 Brady Haupt & Cameron Wayne